Capacity Development

The Capacity Development section provides a series of materials to support the implementation of agricultural knowledge free accessible. The resources are as follows:

Institutional Development

Building information-related capacity of national institutions through the publication of Pathways. The CIARD Pathways provide an introduction to the ways in which research outputs can be made more available, accessible and applicable (the 3As) for the stakeholders who will derive benefit from this information and knowledge. The CIARD Manifesto and the CIARD Checklist of Good Practices are statements of what needs to be done in order to achieve the enhancement of the 3As. The CIARD Pathways are practical guides, showing how the different elements of the Manifesto and the Checklist can be achieved by institutions around the world.

Each Pathway presents an introduction to a specific area of activity, and then explains what an individual or institution needs to do to achieve progress in this area. Each Pathway is linked to other Web resources which offer more detail, explanation and guidance for a fuller understanding. Examples of best practice experience from around the world are also included.

Training for Individuals

Distance learning formats (Webinars) for three main stakeholder groups: (i) information specialists, (ii) managers and decision-makers, (iii) researchers and academics.

Training resources

Modular materials available in various languages to support capacity building activities, featuring the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK).