3.1. Using mass/mainstream and social media to communicate research

Version 0.15 October 2012

Intended audience:  research managers and researchers, information/communication  managers and professionals, IT professionals

Under development


These Pathways provide an introduction to and guidance on the use of different media to communicate research messages in different, but often very content-rich, ways. The use of video is becoming increasingly popular for communication to many different stakeholders. The mass media – TV and radio – are well established routes in both developing and developed countries for getting messages out to the general public, and sometimes to policy makers also. The Pathways on the uses of social media introduce the many different tools and services that are available now, such as blogs and Facebook, for researchers to communicate with each other in more informal ways, and for researchers to communicate within networks of different stakeholders. The repackaging of research outputs for other stakeholder groups is also covered in its own Pathway, with an introduction to understanding the needs of other users, the planning required, and the potential involvement of infomediaries.