This Tool will be the basis for sharing examples and experiences of others in advocacy for opening access to knowledge.

In 2012, the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) decided to strengthen its advocacy activities, to reach out to a variety of audiences bring messages to key target audiences from across the region on the need for action to open up access to agricultural research outputs.  The first of these is described below, and others will be added to this page when completed.

Target audience - senior politicians and policymakers: FARA management decided to take advantage of a policy-related event that it had scheduled in April 2012, namely its 2nd Annual Dialogue of African Ministers of Agriculture, Science and Technology.

Advocacy support tools: FARA and other CIARD partners developed two types of resource:  (a) a printed policy brief distributed at the event on "Opening access to Africa' s agricultural knowledge - bridging the gap to power innovation" which clearly presents the problem to be addressed, the solution proposed, and the actions to be taken by whom;  and (b) two slidesets to support short verbal presentations made at the event, with the first on the need for openness and making the link to CIARD and the second on a variety of approaches that enable sharing of knowledge.

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  • The CGIAR is organizing continuous advocacy around knowledge sharing and open access, and more can be learned about this at: