International center of research project (MCNIP LLC)

The organization deals with publishing scientific literature, scientific journals, organization of scientific conferences in the field of applied sciences, including agriculture and the economy of the agricultural enterprises.

Developing institutional readiness
1. Introduce and gain support for the CIARD Manifesto and Values in your institutionN/A
2. Have your institution recognised as a CIARD partnerN/A
3. Adopt a formal institutional information/communication strategyN/A
4. Develop the capacities of your institution to achieve the CIARD ChecklistN/A
5. Develop national/local partner networks to share resources and skillsN/A
Increasing the Availability, Accessibility and Applicability of Research Outputs
6. Ensure that your research outputs are available digitallyN/A
7. Develop institutional or thematic repositories of your outputs as open archivesN/A
8. Use international metadata standards, data exchange protocols, and vocabulariesN/A
9. Develop a clearly defined licensing policy for your outputsN/A
10. Optimize the structure and the content of your web sites for search enginesN/A
11. Share your metadata by participating in international information systemsN/A
12. Use ‘social networking’ media and applications to share your outputsN/A
13. Build formal and informal networks to repackage your outputsN/A

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