Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Developing institutional readiness
1. Introduce and gain support for the CIARD Manifesto and Values in your institutionN/A
2. Have your institution recognised as a CIARD partnerN/A
3. Adopt a formal institutional information/communication strategyN/A
4. Develop the capacities of your institution to achieve the CIARD ChecklistN/A
5. Develop national/local partner networks to share resources and skillsN/A
Increasing the Availability, Accessibility and Applicability of Research Outputs
6. Ensure that your research outputs are available digitallyN/A
7. Develop institutional or thematic repositories of your outputs as open archivesN/A
8. Use international metadata standards, data exchange protocols, and vocabulariesN/A
9. Develop a clearly defined licensing policy for your outputsN/A
10. Optimize the structure and the content of your web sites for search enginesN/A
11. Share your metadata by participating in international information systemsN/A
12. Use ‘social networking’ media and applications to share your outputsN/A
13. Build formal and informal networks to repackage your outputsN/A

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