African Journals OnLine

AJOL is African Journals OnLine, an online service to provide access to African-published research and increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship. AJOL is a Non Profit Organisation based in South Africa and is the world's largest online collection of African-published, peer-reviewed scholarly journals. AJOL works with the support of a consortium of Partners: INASP, the Public Knowledge Project and the Ford Foundation.

Developing institutional readiness
1. Introduce and gain support for the CIARD Manifesto and Values in your institutionNot yet
2. Have your institution recognised as a CIARD partnerNot yet
3. Adopt a formal institutional information/communication strategyNot yet
4. Develop the capacities of your institution to achieve the CIARD ChecklistNot yet
5. Develop national/local partner networks to share resources and skillsNot yet
Increasing the Availability, Accessibility and Applicability of Research Outputs
6. Ensure that your research outputs are available digitallyNot yet
7. Develop institutional or thematic repositories of your outputs as open archivesNot yet
8. Use international metadata standards, data exchange protocols, and vocabulariesNot yet
9. Develop a clearly defined licensing policy for your outputsNot yet
10. Optimize the structure and the content of your web sites for search enginesNot yet
11. Share your metadata by participating in international information systemsNot yet
12. Use ‘social networking’ media and applications to share your outputsNot yet
13. Build formal and informal networks to repackage your outputsNot yet

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