Wheat data standards survey results and Workshop

Dear CIARD Community,

The raw results of the RDA survey on wheat data standards are now online attached to this post. This survey was a success with 200 responses from 31 countries !

The survey results will be analyzed during the next Workshop to be held in Versailles (France) the 1-2 October.
Please consider to attend the workshop. You will find information on the flyer in attachment and on the registering website: https://colloque.inra.fr/wdiworkshop

The workshop and the lunches will be free. You could register on the website or send an email to Esther Dzalé Yeumo Kaboré <edzale@versailles.inra.fr> and Michael Alaux <michael.alaux@versailles.inra.fr>.

If you need that the Wheat Initiative support your travel and hotel costs, contact us before September the 8th and we will get back to you. It will be possible to register to the workshop after September the 8th but without financial support.

Workshop description:

We will bring together wheat researchers form various areas of expertise, along with bioinformaticians, data mangers, and data users to develop and refine a set of Wheat Data Interoperability Guidelines, which will promote and sustain wheat data sharing, reusability, and interoperability. The workshop will focus on a limited set of wheat data types: SNPs, genomic annotations, phenotypes, genetic maps, physical maps, and germplasm.

Expected outcomes:

  • List of recommended standards for each data type
  • List of standards to develop
  • List of interoperability use cases
  • Cookbook revised and adjusted
  • Draft “White Paper” for publicizing and communicating the recommended guidelines
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