F1000Research approach to Open Science publishing

The Open Science journal F1000Research was launched in 2012 in order to address many of the shortcomings of conventional life science publishing, particularly those that exacerbate publication bias, publishing inefficiencies and irreproducibility of findings.  

Open Science goes beyond Open Access in making every element of the scientific process free to use, reuse and redistribute. This includes ensuring the availability of raw data, software and referee reports, which are often at least as important as the article with which they are associated.

This webinar will provide an overview of F1000Research's approach to Open Science publishing and highlight other unique aspects of the journal's model including post-publication peer review, article versioning and non-traditional article types.

Thomas Ingraham

Thomas Ingraham is Development Editor at F1000Research and has been involved with the journal's Open Science and editorial development since its inception.