The GODAN/CIARD Consultation and e-Consultation social media coordinators are key for pre-event, during-event and post-event activities. GODAN/CIARD Consultation and e-Consultation will take place at one point in time, but social media can be used to build momentum ahead of the event, maintain or build it during the event, and allowing a space for more in-depth comments to be posted after the event.


The e-Consultation will be the main place where interaction will happen before the face-to-face meeting.  Besides, Facebook < > and Twitter < > are used to elicit questions and create conversations with people as a lead up to the event.  Use these channels to help build momentum and excitement, or as tool to help GODAN/CIARD individual and institutional members engage.

Official announcements will be posted from the official CIARD accounts, but anybody can post on the Facebook group or tweet using the #ciardgodan hashtag.

Use #ciardgodan on Twitter to announce the conference, publicize the e-consultation, disseminate the questions and capture new feedback.

Links to publicize:


The twitter hashtag #ciardgodan will be the main channel of two-way communication during the three day period. This will allow people to create searches of tweets specifically about or coming from the GODAN/CIARD Consultation.

Sessions will be announced from the CIARD Twitter account inviting comments and questions. 

Note: some sessions may not have web streaming, therefore tweets will try to report what is happening but little participation/feedback from outside is expected. 

During the sessions

The social media coordinator is responsible for disseminating through Twitter and Facebook discussions, comments and results of each session. 

Some key elements that need to be considered:

  • use #ciardgodan in each tweet and message
  • encourage attendees in your session to share comments/highlights in Twitter
  • report to the session chairs and rapporteurs about comments and questions published on Twitter, Facebook - or Adobe Connect Chat Box for parallel sessions - , they might be interested to share this information during the session


Use Facebook and Twitter to inform the audience about results, reports or material online related to the conference.