CIARD e-Consultation 2015: Considerations for future direction

From 30th of March to 15th April 2015, CIARD is organizing an e-consultation to discuss the further development of CIARD with the most active members of the community. The outputs of the consultation will be share to the wider audience, open it up further and ask for your input and feedback.  If you are interested to follow up this e-consultation, contact us at information@ciard.net.

2015 GODAN Meeting

From 19 to 21 of January it is taking place in Wageningen (The Netherlands) the 2015 GODAN Meeting. It aims at bringing together a mix of key players from public as well as private sector organisations at national, international and global level: governments, businesses, consultants, universities, research organisations and NGOs.

More information at http://godan.info/conference.html

Rights of Farmers for Data, Information and Knowledge

CIARD with support from GFAR Secretariat and FAO are organizing an E-Discussion between 20 October to 6 November 2014 for global participation on Forum on the rights of farmers to data, information and knowledgeParticipants will need to login to access the E-discussion. Those who are not yet members of CIARD can become members through a simple registration process through CIARD.  Contact us at information@ciard.net

Welcome to CIARD

Vision: Agricultural knowledge is freely accessible and contributes to reducing hunger and poverty

CIARD is a global movement dedicated to open agricultural knowledge. We help to align the efforts of national, regional and international institutions, and to establish better connections to improve sharing of information and services.

Partners in CIARD believe that open knowledge makes it easier to develop better solutions to agricultural challenges. Furthermore, we contribute to reducing hunger and poverty, because agricultural development is such an important driver of economic growth.



  • 2015 GODAN Meeting

    The GODAN workshop "Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition [1]" is taking place at Wageningen, 19/20 January 2015. The workshop is hosted by the Dutch Government (Ministry of...