Use of ICT for developing organic agriculture in Iran

As per the definition of FAO organic agriculture may be defined as an
unique production management system which promotes and enhances
agroecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycle and soil
biological activity, and this is accomplished by using on-farm agronomic,
biological and mechanical methods in exclusion of all synthetic off-farm
inputs. Iranian agriculture sector is vibrant with high potential for
growth including for the development of organic farming due to certain
favorable features. Organic agriculture will enables Iranian smallholders
to achieve household food security and gain modest incomes while
regenerating the land, enhancing biodiversity, and supplying quality food
to local communities. It has already been recognized that knowledge is
the crucial
"fourth factor of production" and sustainable farming practices are more
demanding on the skills and knowledge of farmers. Whereas, the organic
production calls for an in-depth understanding of the principles,
standards, production practices and requirements of the organic
certification agencies.To increase awareness about the organic farming
among the interested Iranian farmers, the Information Communication
Technology (ICT) is a handy tool. An initiative provide such tool that can
be used as an ICT tool for propagating the organic farming. It is a
three-tier web-based application in which at client level user interface is
developed using J2EE Framework in JSF with Java as Programing language. At
database end, the database is developed using MySQL 5.0. This is a
cross-platform application (platform independent) with Apache 2.0. web
server. This information system can run on standalone desktop computer with
Windows 2003 and later, or Linux/ XP and later, or Linux operating system
as well as on Intranet / Internet environment.Information System on Organic
Farming can provide hands-on information on organic farming, conversion to
organic farming, principles of organic crop and livestock production,
organic farming and sustainability, characteristics of an ideal organic
farm, nutrient management, pest and disease control, organic fertilizers
application, soil fertility in organic farming, soil testing, soil
amendment, soil management, organic food, organic waste management,
biofertilizers, manuring, composting, certification standards of Iran, a
comparison of production standards, list of approved ingredients of
non-agricultural origin and processing aids used in food processing, list
of approved inputs and materials, feed additives and processing aids for
animal nutrition, products authorized for cleaning and disinfection of
livestock buildings and installations, Iranian agriculture scenario, and
market organic products. This tool help speedy dissemination of appropriate
information on organic farming to wider audience across the country and
other Persian speakers across the globe.

Dr. M.R.Davari

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